Why Do We Keep Using Skype?

This was recorded on 11-12-16

Dave an Jim are back in their respective studios. Happy Veterans day to all of our veterans.

[2:15] DC Podfest reflections – I'm a Digital Influencer, Amolto Skype Recorder and Free Skype Recorder

[6:20] Why Do We use Skype? Why not Tryca.st or Zencastr? Zoom?

Jim states that Skype is going to change over the next few years, and he would jump ship and find a skype alternative

[11:50] Google Hangouts Where is It?

Google had some things go live even though we weren't “live”

[15:45] Is There a Podcast Station For Mac? Dave Likes Hindeburg Jounralist others suggest Audio Hijack for the Mac, and Twisted Wave. Spreaker Studio

[23:05] Why Hosting Companies want you to use their platform to listen. (Dave has been playing with Omnystudio ). The bad news is 80% of downloads come via RSS

[28:45] How Do I Restart a Podcast? Do I Start From Scratch? –

Make Sure You Have a Document Between You and Your Co-Host

[33:30] Thanks To our Patrons. You are AWESOME

[36:05] What Forums Should We Use To Promote My Show? – Podcast Promotion – How Do You Market Your Podcast?

iTunes is not a strategy, it is a tool, but it's not a strategy (either is Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play Music)

Local Podcasts Could Replace Local Newspapers (This is Rammy Podcast On Podcast Review )

[42:40] Jim Has a Because of My Podcast Story – The Department of Labor Interviewed Me

[44:50] Dave's Northeast Ohio Meetup Group has lead Dave to be on TV

[47:10] Jim gets out and about and gets caught without business cards

[49:20] Who do you use for Business Cards? Dave uses Vista Print

[50:40] Joe Pardo Because of My Podcast I Got a Job

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