Which Sounds Worse a Blue Yeti or a Cell Phone?

This week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network take your questions live and talk about the following subjects.

[4:10] The Phone Sounds bad from last week

[5:40] Blue Yeti vs Cell Phone

[15:45] Camera Audio is horrible

[16:18] Does good content make you sit through and audio

[22:46] Chromecast is going away

[25:30] Dave's TV in the background

[33:05] YouTube Flagged the NFL without sound (creepy?)

[34:45] Jonathon Bloom From Weekly Awesome Podcast chimes in on Podcast Backgrounds


[38:30] Jim and Dave both use the Logitech C920 camera

[41:35] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters

[42:03] Cool Links for Google and Apple from Podcastnews.net  from Emily from The Story Behind podcast search for your show on Podnews.net

[49:25] Watch adding advertising redirects into your feed as it can cause weird issues.

[52:15] Emily will be appearing on inside edition

Mentioned in This Episode

The Blue Yeti Microphone. This is NOT a bad microphone. Everyone likes it as it is long as you know how to use it. One way to make it sound better is to get it closed to your mouth and they have a new “Yeticaster” package which comes with a very nice boom arm and shock mount for $199, and then I would still pick up a pop filter for an additional $19. You just need to practice with your mic technique, and to make sure you are using it correctly. (see video)

If you compare that to the Samson Q2U package that is $69 and sounds just as good.

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