To YouTube or Not to YouTube Your Podcast

[1:10] Is there anything wrong with this clip?
[3:40] Does Phantom Power Hurt an RE320?
[13:43] It's OK To Sound Like You

[20:21] Building Community Via iTunes Reviews

Jeff Brown Input: What is a way you've maximized iTunes ratings and reviews that you'd recommend others consider?
Mathew Passy The best way I have seen someone maximize their use of ratings and reviews is Dan Cummins Timesuck Podcast. For every 100 reviews posted, he releases a special bonus episode and he lets the fans vote on the topic. Reviews pour into the show and he reads a few in the show update. It has helped him build a huge bank of reviews, which while having no impact on your ranking, do let people know whether or not you produce a quality product. It has also helped him to build a huge community with real engagement. I think it's a fascinating idea. Won't work for every type of podcast but I think this was one integral piece in his show's early success.

[24:52] Article on iTunes Reviews

[26:33] How do I make it easy to send audio clips into my show?

A) Speakpipe

B) Voicemail

D) Make a folder that people can upload to using a service like Dropbox or Media Fire

#) record on your phone and email clip

[33:51] Should I put Audio podcasts on YouTube

Article by Paul Colligan on the Podcast Report

[38:42] Joined by Steve who mentions Daniel J Lewis's article on why you shouldn't put your podcast on YouTube

[52:00] Thanks so our Awesome Supporters


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