Podcasts Are Like Digital Babies

Today I talk to Jim who has five kids and we compare the overwhelm of new parents to compare it to the feelings that “wanna be” podcaster who can't seem have.


[00:45] SPONSOR: PodcastBranding.co 

[02:17] Podcasts Are Like Children

[11:39] How to do a Solo Show

[14:39] What is your strength?

[25:53] Thanks to The Patrons

[27:28] Boom Arms

[29:57] Dynamic Ad Revenue

[34:31] bass Drum Boom Arm

[35:37] How Do You Know You're Successful?

[39:37] Zoom Podtrack P4

[41:41] Press the Record Button?


[43:36] VIVO Boom Arms

[46:07] Podcast Movement

[48:07] Podfest Videos

[50:33] Zoom Fatigue

[54:39] MixPre Units

[55:46] Laptop VS PC

[57:14] Speaking Gigs

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