Podcast Master Class -What Would You Change If You Started Again?

Today we are joined by Daniel J Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast and ask him about his Podcast Master Class. In the new gear world, I found out that using Uberconference on a Mac apparently didn't work. If you're looking for free podcast consulting, then j

Fighting Mixlr Crackle Issues [2:00]

uca202Dave is using the Behringer UCA202 USB interface today ($29), and he is still having crackling issues. Daniel explains that this can be fixed (when using mixlr) is you use their app on the iPad. I have no downloaded the latest drivers yet and I need to as my control panel locked up when I started using the USB device.

I actually like the Griffin imic a little better, but then again I'm not using the latest driver for it.

Daniel explains that you need a cable to plug into the iPad that uses that special sleeve with three rings on it to go into the iPad.

Podcast Master Class [6:20]

Daniel explains about his next Podcast Master Class starting in May that can help your podcast go from Average to Amazing. He puts your podcast through a series of checks (over 120 items are checked). Then he does one on one consulting to go over each of those items.

Some examples of an item that gets checked is going over your RSS file, and checking your media hosting and its speed. He checks the SEO of your website, the speed of your pages, and many other things.

Splitting An RSS Feed [10:20]

How did you split the feed for Ask the Podcast Coach?

I'm using Podcast Channels on the PowerPress plugin. It makes it super easy. Daniel uses this for his video version of the Audacity to Podcast.

Daniel also stated that making different album art for your video vs audio podcast helps.

What Would You Change If You Went Back? [13:50]

Daniel says he would not have been such a perfectionist.

Dave would change the name of his show. “The morning announcements” doesn't bring up thoughts of podcasting.

Dave was also creating his website in Dreamweaver and made his RSS feed with a program called Feed for All.

Dave used condensor microphones when he started out as he wanted to use the microphones that radio stations had in their studio. The point was I didn't have studio and it picked up everything (dynamics microphones are much better for a home studio.

I wouldn't use Podtrac for stats (I would've used blubrry.com's free stats).

My Podcast Got  Turned Down for iHeart Radio [26:30]

My Logical Weight Loss podcast was turned down because of the music at the beginning of the show. The music is legal to use by permission. Daniel has faced the same issue.

Dave mentions that he is not super happy with the way they handle your files (they rename your files, they change the album artwork and mess with your ID3 tags).

Is it Worth it?

828 tracks for Daniels entire network has received  just under 12,000 plays. He is getting 125,000 downloads per month. (9.6%)

Dave is getting an additional 5% using iheart radio.

Is it worth it? Well there isn't a lot of work involved, just realize they do mess with your brand (files) a bit.

Keep in mind a large amount of followers on Spreaker does not mean a lot of listens.

Daniel also uses audioboo.com as an additional resource

Audio Vs Video [40:20]

There are times when video fits. It does give the ability to see your reactions and see “inside” the production of your podcast.

What is the Radio of your Podcast [44:00] 

Currently the video version gets about 10% of the audience his audio podcast does, but Daniel feels that that with new branding this might be boosted in the future.

Daniel use Camtwist sofware to make a virtual camera.

What are You NOT listening to Anymore? [47:50]

Dave is cutting back on some of the comedian podcasts that he listened to in the past. They seem to be doing the same old same old stuff.

Daniel no longer listens to all of the Once upon a time podcasts. He is n't getting much out of them (as he produces his own Once upon a time podcast).

Duplicate Content Discussion

Its not just about Google.

There is a great training video about this on SEOMOZ

Google appreciates if you point the link back to the original source.

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Worpdress SEO Plugin by Yoast (see Dustin Hartzler's site for a tutorial)

Podcast Master Class (affiliate link)


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