Podcast Interviews Are Harder Than They Look

Today on episode 226 of Ask the Podcast coach we talk about the following topics:

Dave shares a little about Podcast mid-Atlantic

[4:10] Mike and Jim were twins earing The Story Behind Podcast as we prepare for her book launch

[6:15] "]Always press record on the player

[6:45] Big Online Summits Where You Can Speak and what it really means

[10:45] Podcast Junkies is a great example of conversational interviews

[11:45] Live podcasting keeps you on your toes

[16:21] Over prepare for your episode when you are live

[19:29] Podcasting For Radio Dummies – a great conversation

[20:44] Next Question – nobody says this in a conversation

[23:11] Question of the month (where are you on a scale of 1 to 10 where one is AWESOME and 10 is HORRIBLE?) Let me know

[27:30] Improv requires you to be focused

[31:10] Being nervous in the middle of episodes

[35:02] Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters

[42:00] Replacing Files on a website after switching media hosts, how far back to you go?

[48:00] Be careful with Find and Replace

[50:45] Jim is a YouTuber when he is in front of 15 to 30-year-old people, and it opens doors

[56:35] Redesigning Dave's backdrop



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  1. I am a podcaster in the UK. I listen to podcasts in my car. All the podcasts I listen to I download the MP3 from the podcaster’s website and put it on a USB stick which plugs into my car.
    I cannot see a way on this page to download this episode therefore I am unable to listen to your podcast.

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