Overcoming Solo Podcasting Jitters

[3:19] Overcoming Podcasting Solo Jitters with Chris Nesi
[14:01] Black Friday Deals – what did you buy? Here is what Dave bought?
[16:35] Using Child Themes in WordPress Child Theme Configuration or Dave jas used Child Themify in the past.
[22:40] Web Hosting Pricing. Typically around $10 Coolerwebsites is $7/month. Places like Siteground start cheap and you end up paying $20 a month.
[29:30] Similar Name Podcast
45: 03 Disagreeing with Dave on Anchor
[50:22] Listening to Podcast on Amazon (list your show in TuneIn)
[54:54] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters become an Awesome Supporter today.
[58:26] Jim interviews his daughter on HGG 425

Post Show

[01:02:00] Are podcasts journalists?
[01:07:14] Communities Outside of Facebook like Tribe (on sales for life at App Sumo )
[01:17:26] Face Recognition and Facebook

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