Measuring Podcast Growth

Today we look at comparing last year to this year (comparing seven days of downloads). Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network and Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting answer your podcast questions including:

How do I know if my podcast is growing?

[9:50] the power of persistence

[12:22] Goodbye Podcoin

[14:30] Drunkcasting

[20:54] Streaming vs Downloads

[26:00] Thanks to our Patrons

[27:20] Proper Podcast Length and the importance of focus groups

[31:48] Mike Rowe – new “The Way I Heard It” book – and coming to TV

[34:38] Shorters Show Require Editing

[37:57] Fixing Apple Formatting Issues

[42:09] Netflix Fatigue

[50:32] Good Podcasting Books? Big Podcast and So you think you want to start a podcast (or join the School of Podcasting)

[51:44] Five microphones into the Rode Rodcaster Pro?

[52:50] Profit from your podcast book update. Why am I doing this?

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Post Show (available to Patrons)

I'm so glad I made this mistake it made life so much easier

[01:06:00] Ray Ortega Splitter Video

[01:11:25] Descript Video

[01:25:00] the blank book that is an Amazon top Seller


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