The Super Awesome Episode

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison

[1:20] YouTube Live/ Hangouts Going Away

[8:35] How to Separate Poly Wave Files

[10:34] Multi-Track to the computer via the Rodecaster

[13:12] Changing the title of the episode on the website for SEO

[15:50] Sharing an interview previous to going public

[19:50] Podcasting Video

[22:35] Is Pissed Off Explicit?

[30:55] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters

[32:50] The joys of shipping things to your supporters

[38:30] Does Audible work? ( sign up as an affiliate here )

[42:45] Van Halen or Van Hagar?

[44:10] Streamlining your interview flow

[52:50] Make sure your Facebook profile mentions your podcast

[54:45] Disagreeing with a guest -do you?

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Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast

Jingles, Brands, and Performing Live

[01:10:00] Podcasting enables you to handle stress better

[01:12:00] Getting Speaker Gigs

[01:15:00] Speaking in front of four people…

[01:22:00] I should have setup an editing company

[01:26:00] Don't give it all away – Dave's book Contact




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