Is it Too Late to Get My Podcast Launched in 2019

[0:45] The Story of
[02:45] Powerrant – “Find me in Apple…”
[05:23] Water Reminder Tool Ula 50% off Deal
[07:20] Is it too late to get listed in Apple in 2019?
[09:45] Getting a Link to Apple
[15:17] Choosing You Podcast Name is Hard
[19:50] Kyle's Microphone is an ATR2100
[20:49] Working with Celebrity Handlers
[31:05] Multiple media hosts?
[39:02] Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters
[41:15] WordPress as a backup?
[55:35] Making Money NOW with a Podcast

Post Show (Available to Supporters)

[01:02:22] Landmark Episodes
[01:07:38] Pearl Harbor Day
[01:10:08] Na Pod Po Mo
[01:22:30] Safe Places
[01:23:52] Audio Drama Insights
[01:29:37] Question of the Month

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