ID3 Tags Do Not Boost SEO for Your Podcast

I wondered about ID3 tags and took that idea and ran with it and proved that ID3 tags do not boost your SEO score.  Other topics:

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Here are the topics for today

[00:00:46] Sleep is Important

[00:05:21] ID3 Tags Do Not Help SEO

[00:18:31] Backup Your Files

[00:27:28] This will not end well

[00:34:58] Awesome Supporters

[00:37:00] iTunes Reviews

[00:40:02] Ankylosing spondylitis

[00:41:06] Is This Explicit?

[00:43:36] Take Down Notices on the Rise

[00:48:28] Stitcher Sale Again

[00:51:30] So Many Ads

[00:53:31] Facebook Gets a Bad Score

[00:56:02] Youtube Mafia

[00:59:05] What's Coming Up?

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