Google Podcasts App – Will Google Get It Right?

[1:34] Remote Recording, how do we connect headphones?

Voicemeeter Bana

Mackie ProFX8 (4 XLR Inputs)

Headphones Splitter Cable 

Zoom H6 4 input recorder

Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX Mixer ($99) 2 XLR inputs

Atr2100 Microphone

Desktop Boom Arm

Art Headphone Amp

Behringer HA400 Stereo Headphone Amplifier

[13:46] Do you need Pamela if you have a portable recorder?

Dave has been using Squadcast which records both sides of a conversation and then you mix them together

You can get a basic external recorder like a Zoom H1 to record the audio out of the mixer.

[17:00] Using Backpacks to Transport Your Gear

[21:40] Facebook is testing paying for groups (story)

[25:18] Thanks To Our Awesome Supporters

[26:20] New Google Podcast App 

Demo Video of Software

How to Link Your Show to Google PodcastsVideo

[34:18] Google Play Music vs Google Podcasts

[38:14] YouTube Red Changes their name

[40:22] Don't put all your episodes on a single page

[43:12] "]Do not spam LinkedIn

[44:02] "]Think long and hard about starting your 2nd podcast (or third, fourth)

[47:08] Dave almost launched a local show

[51:56] Taking Your own advice about a podcast launch

[53:14] "]Dave is taking courses at on SEO

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