Gale Wants to Start a Podcast – Leo Laporte Shuts Down Parts of Twit.

Jim is back from graduation Saturday and Dave and Jim take your calls.

 Gale Palitz Wants to Start a Podcast

[1:55] Gale is super excited about starting a podcast and has some done some research, but needs some guidence on the pieces part of podcasting.

Host Gator is a Web host for your podcast Page (use the coupon code podcastcoach to save 25%) and Blubrry are MEDIA host to host your MP3 files. Use the coupon code sopfree

You need artwork for your iTunes listing that should be at least 1400 X 1400 pixles (jpg). I would also make one that is 300X 300 for INSIDE the mp3 file.

Don't use a website hosting company to host your media.

A podcast episode is simply a blog post with some audio attached to it (or video).

There are 27 steps to launch a podcast, but many of these are easy, and you only have to do them once.

How Are You Going to Pay?

[08:08] There are two ways to learn how to podcast and both cost you.

1. You can pay with your TIME and search Google and hope you don't find some outdated tutorial showing you how to use old technology in a way that will shoot you in the foot. It's free, but you pay in time, and in headaches.

2. You can pay with MONEY and join the School of Podcasting. This will save you time, and headaches as we have step by step tutorials on every aspect of starting, launching, and growing your podcast.

Do you have more money or time? Do you want a podcast or headaches?

If you just want to just test podcasting, check out podcasting for free

I Want to Go Live

[10:45] I don't recommend starting live. When you first start out you don't have an audience. You should get your show up and running, build an audience and then add live later.

Blog Talk Radio is easy, but currently their audio quality is not great. Their phone tool is awesome. This means you use them for their phone and then use an additional hosting company like Libsyn. A less expensive is to use but that means you need some more technical skills. Blog talk radio will be releasing an update to their system soon that will have better audio quality, but they will control you RSS feed (which is kind of a deal breaker).

Gale just wants people to call in and argue with her.

Using Godaddy vs Libsyn

[16:07] Godaddy is a web hosting company (and they sell domains and such). Libsyn is a media hosting. 1and will give me hosting for almost no money the first year (because they know once they get you, you won't leave). Saving 9 dollars a year is probably not worth it.

A Website host is for your WEBSITE. A MEDIA host is for your Audio. Shuts Down their Live Chat and Streaming

[25:47] Leo Laporte says his is shutting things down (he accidentally showed some explicit material on his screen). It is a shame that there are people who live to pick on him. Leo accidentally shared a picture of his winky…..

What makes Leo great, is also what may put Leo in his own way. Put a camera on you, and see if you don't make a mistake or two that can then go viral.

Podcast Midwest Wrap Up – Where is Podcast Going?

[40:49] Kim from wants to know what we would be willing to give up to grow in podcasting.

Other Podcasting Platforms

[45:10],, iTunes, and

Check out the Podcast411 Directory of Directories

There is also

Stitcher has us nervous as they are having some technical issues.

Google Hangouts

[56:09] Rich Grimshaw Wants to know about Google Hangouts. His audio is not working.

When you go into the hangout, click on the gear at the top and you can tell the Hangout what to “listen” to.

Double check to make sure that the on/off switch isn't turned off.

Listen to the Episode Below (01:09:55)
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