Do I Split My Topics into Separate Podcasts – Mastering the Tease

Today Dave is joined by the host of the Just the Tip podcast Tim Wohlberg.

[2:42] Do I Split  My Topics into Separate Podcasts? from

[11:19] Update from Podcast Mid Atlantic see for the virtual ticket

[17:27] Nails on a Chalkboard to Tim – You Need to Tease Your Audience

Where do you put the tease?  Well a tease is for something that is coming up, so up front and as you go forward.

[26:15] Doing a topic over episodes from Kim on

[31:50] Tim's Because of his podcast?

Thanks to all of our awesome supporters

[35:10] Dave pulls the perfect reset (as this is a live show)

[36:10] You need to keep your WordPress website and all of your plugins up to date. Sucuri is good if you get hacked.

Be sure to backup your show. Check out Manage WP

[39:00] No You can't play music on your show if you don't have the proper liscense and in some cases your episode will be pulled.

[42:10] Podcast Legends from Todd Cochrane interview Brian from Coverville

Music For Makers gives a free track a month

Spreaker has a cool deal with a company called Epidemic

[45:17] Behind the Scenes of Being on the Radio

[50:35] Revisit the multiple episodes telling one long story question

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