Changing the Name of Your Show

[2:25] Free Resources for Podcasters?

[3:35] Advertising Networks are coming out of the woodwork.

[6:05] Feedback – You have to check the email that you give out.

[8:15] Live “radio streaming station” Dave uses

[9:25] "]You need to send more than one email

[11:30] Recovering from When Things Go Wrong

[15:00] Behind the Scenes of the Solopreneur Hour

[16:00] How to stop saying crutch words

[21:10] No Show Next Week

[23:45] "]Presentation Tips

[28:05] the Mixed Message of Podcasting

[29:00] Best Free WordPress Theme

[35:40] Jeff Perry Rebrands Podcast Fiend to Podcast Roots – behind the scenes of a new narrative style podcast

[53:30] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters

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