Zoom Announces Podtrak P8

Today we are excited to talk about another new toy that has been announced (Dave has a demo on the way). Other topics include:

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Dave's Book Comes out On Monday

[02:41] Zoom Announces Zoom Podtrak P8
[05:58] Making Your Brand Trustworthy
[13:10] The Zoom P4 Is a Great Place to Start
[21:46] Bluetooth vs Wired
[23:38] Webcam Suggestions?
[27:38] Our Awesome Supporters
[32:21] International Podcast Day
[36:11] The Very First Podcast You Listened To
[39:48] Will Seasons Hurt Me?
[42:12] Because of My Podcast
[47:10] Riverside.fm?
[55:12] Should I leave Podbean?
[55:51] What Coming Up?

Patrons Only Content

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[58:11] Jim's Patreon Only Event
[1:02:04] Getting Guests Back In Line
[1:04:50] Reiverside.fm Flexibility
[1:05:40] Table of Contents Show Notes
[1:08:20] Hello From Nigeria
[1:16:08] Podcast Media Hosting
[1:21:11] indiedropin.com
[1:22:00] Hero Health
[1:25:02] Honeybook
[1:26:45] Jim's Tour
[1:28:50] What's Up With Dave's Leg?

Mentioned In This Episode

Zoom Podtrak P8

International Podcast Day

Ray Ortega's YouTube Channel (Great Camera Reviews)

Logitech C920e on Amazon on B&H

Logitech Brio on Amazon on B&H

Health Hero


Acuity Scheduling


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