Zincastr – Live365

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dave Jackson, StargatePioneer, Better Podcasting, Jim Collison, Pirate Michael, Jeremy T. Dennis, and Bill Conrad (Wizard).

Jim was Podcasting on New year's Eve

[2:30] Jim changed the format a bit the other night and got some feedback from his audience.

Zencastr.com Discussion

[3:40] This was a super easy tool to use to create a double-ender in the cloud. Check it out at zendcastr.com Jeremy has used it for a month and has good experiences with it so far. It's easy to use and better than trying to get people to record their side of the conversation.

They do have one person who occasionally drops the call. There haven't been any drifting issues with different speeds of recording. Jeremy recorded five people at one time, and got a copy of each person's audio, plus a sixth version that had everyone combined.

It's free now, but it won't be free forever. It seems to be pretty obvious when you use it. Check out Jerem at www.transmissionpodcast.com

USB Mixers that output more than stereo

[12:40] The mixers that allow these seem somewhat expensive. per the Chat Room the Behringer UFX1204 Xenyx 12-Channel Mixer will do it. (aff link).

Backing Up Zencaster Call

[16:00] Use a portable recorder like a Zoom H5.  Keep things clean, and keep it simple. Sometimes having multiple files can muddy the water.

Proper Levels When Recording a Blab into Zoom

[18:35] For me everything goes into my mixer which goes into the recorder. So it doesn't matter where I'm sending the audio to, I've already got my recording before I send it to blab.

Glycast Controlling Your Feed

[21:45] A company is saying, “Just give us your feed.” Dave explains it could be very dangerous to give your feed to another company and let them be between you and your audience.

NOTE: Dave interviewed the guy behind Glycast on the School of Podcasting.  Here is a video that explains the potential danger.

Jim mentions it might be interesting to have two feeds: One with ads and one without.

What is a Hobby Podcaster?

[30:15] Stargate Pioneer from betterpodcasting.com does a show for the “Hobby Podcaster” but has a ton of equipment. So what is a hobby podcast?

[34:10] Can You login to Blab from the same machine? Yes you can but you have to use a different browser or an incognito window.

Live365 Goodbye E-Mail

[37:40] Jim reads a letter from Live365 explaining why they are closing their doors.

Dave mentions that according to the New Media Show over 1000 podcasts are launched a week, and Soundcloud has settled their law suit in the UK.

Which Pop Filter?

[42:28] Dave has a pop filter and Jim has a foam cover. Which one is better? For Dave, I think the foam can cut out some high end, but in the end they both work.

The RE320 is around $300 for just the microphone. BSW has a good deal for the microphone, shock mount, and pop filter.

[46:10] How do You cut out breathing noise? Quit breathing. In the end its mic technique.

[48:05] Go listen to an old show with fresh ears.

[50:30] Dave's messy Facebook setup. You want to friend the Dave Jackson with the headphones.

Milestone Episodes

[51:35] Dave has episode 500 coming up and he's trying to top episode 400. There are a few things he might try.

Most people don't tune into hear yourself pat yourself on the back.




Listen to the Episode Below (01:01:19)
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  1. I got banned from a wrestling Reddit because a snob went apesh*t about posting any links to self produced content. Basically if you have something to add, it better not be a link to your site

  2. If you like multitrack, use it. There’s nothing wrong with multitracking. With time, it becomes unnecessary for many people.

  3. One of the things that we try to make sure to convey (and we’ve not had enough episodes to do this fully yet), is that SP and I have both worked up towards this sort of stuff. We both started with a mic and some content (and an interface/mixer of some form).

  4. I have a Yeti and I can be about 6 inches away and sound fine. I am probably doing it wrong, but with the way it sits in its stand, it’s hard for it to be super close and not be in the way.

  5. Hello @MartyMcPadden great to be here 🙂 I’m trying to decide between being a guest like crazy on podcasts all year, starting my own again or both (lol)

  6. @NessMakes so a yeti is fairly sensitive. especially if the gain is turned up. I messed around with it once and had it about a foot away with teh gain turned up. Probably is with a condensor mic it picks up everything

  7. @NessMakes you just need to dial it in. I used a Yeti for about 2 years. I was constantly adjusting gain. For instance I had a clock hanging on the wall and I was picking up the second hand ticking. SO I had to choose either adjust my dialed in gain or removed the clock batteries…. the clock batteries were removed as I’m lazy

  8. We had a short blerb with Legends Of Shield #100 at the end covering it and the thanks from our listeners. But we had an episode of Agents Of Shield to talk about and that was more important.

  9. @RoundTableNerds HAHA! I’d probably do the same. I did some recording in Garage Band and it sounded good with no background noise, so I’ll keep it as is for now. Where I have my computer, there’s no real background noise…as long as I am the only one in here. 😉

  10. @DanielJLewis I tried to watch the replay of that and it seems like Blab only recorded about 3 minutes of it! Maybe it was me, but it cut off 3 mins in.

  11. @yakk0dotorg There are a lot of inexpensive condenser options, so its easy to make that choice. The atr2100 and at2005 are a much better option in my opinion for the average room

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