Zencastr and Getting Guests for Your Show

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dave Jackson, StargatePioneer, Ileane Smith, Nazim and Betti, Stephen Jondrew, Kim Krajci, yourzeroheroes, Zencastr, Rachel S. Lee, Darren-Coroner Talk™, and Ryan @foodcraftsman

Stargate pioneer from betterpodcasting.com sits in for Jim as we talk with the developer of zencastr.com and we answer some questions about getting guests.

Omnystudio Updates

[3:23] This is a new media host, and to cut to the chase I don't recommend them. They whack your ID3 tags, and change the name of your file. There interface is kind of confusing. The question is does it matter that they change the name of your file and the ID3 tags as 705 of listeners won't see them anyway. iTunes still reads the ID3 tags as does Windows media player.

Zencastr Developer Takes On Questions

[7:45] Josh is the man behind Zencastr.com This is a service where you login and create a project and all you have to do is send your guests a link. When you get everyone one the site there is a chat window and the ability to raise your hand (great for panels where someone wants to make a point without saying “I have something I need to say). When you're done yo get a copy (in wav and mp3 formats) of everyone on the all and you can have the system post produce the separate files into a single mp3.

Getting Guests For Your Show

[41:35] How do you get people for your show?

Don't go for the big guests first because you're not very good at interviewing people yet .

Find people when they have something to promote.

Contact the publisher to put pressure on getting the person on their website.

Then once you get one “known” name, be sure to drop that name when courting another guest.

[46:50] How do you handle people who approach you to be on your show?

Remember you are the gate keeper between people and your audience. If they don't bring value to your audience, don't let them on your show.

[53:55] Don't bug your guest to promote. Make it easy for them

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  3. I often record podcasts using Google Hangouts & do a double ender, then replace the original audio in the video. That can be a bit of a nightmare with drift.

  4. @jasonmbryant I don’t remember the details. You had one shot to get it right. An interview you’d waited your whole life to get. Or something like that.

  5. Do you think it’s a good idea to invite someone on your podcast and then send them a link to fill out a form requesting to appear?

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