Your Podcast Official Launch – Growing Your Podcast Audience

What kind of things can you edit if a show goes, “long”?

If you start a question with, “I probably shouldn't ” (you're probably right)

Are T-shirts a good way to grow your audience?

We play a little Podcast Rodeo with the Manly Dad Want a full review? Check out

Adam Curry of the No Agenda Show was on Podcast Legends and gave the history of podcasting he also talked about his new tool to make podcasting east at

You can't practice podcasting

Marketing to bus/truck drivers

The Dangers of Giving away stuff for free

How many tweets per episode?

When do you stop your podcast? free media hosting (here we go again… )

The Messengers Documentary special DVD Release

Bonus Content For Our Supporters

Divi WordPress theme Vs Themify VS Appendipity

iJingle quick overview of sound clip player

Insights into Ringr

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