Your Name, Your Artwork Your Brand

Today Dave and Jim talk about artwork, your podcast name, and your overall brand, and the best podcast marketing ideas.
Time Line
[00:21:05] Turning Off Dead Podcasts
[00:25:39] Dead Podcasts Hosts
[00:30:29] How do you grow your audience?
[00:34:32] Its hard to approach random people
[00:38:30] The 80/20 Rule
[00:41:56] Focusing on little things that lead to nothing?
[00:43:04] Buckle Down and Make Good Content
[00:48:04] Find a Partner to Promote Each Other
[00:51:42] Getting Honest Feedback
[01:00:17] Network App in Libsyn
[1:02:47] Politicians and Podcasting
[01:04:42] Best Marketing You've Ever Seen
[01:08:00] Dave's New Pet Peeve
[01:12:45] Author Discussion
[01:20:14] Podcast in Your Title?
[01:22:47] Changing the Name of Your Show
[01:26:42] Show – Podcast – Episode – Series
[01:28:53] Pulling up Shows on Alexa
[01:33:06] Starting a Second Season
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