Would You Attend a Virtual Conference?

April is behind us, and as we prepare to think about moving forward with the world, many things are still up in the air. The question is would you attend an online conference?

Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions.
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Here is the timeline from today's show

[00:40] The Morning Pour

[04:15] Advertisements vs Downloads

[08:03] How do you keep up with your niche?

[12:41]. Mrs. Poppin Fresh?

[14:36]. Trello Tasks list (learn Trello at the School of Podcasting)

[21:16] Virtual Conventions

[23:18] Mighty Networks and Communities

[25:43] Keynote Speakers and Conferences

[28:20] eCam Call recorder and Separate Tracks

[32:00] Branden on Keynotes Speakers

[35:50] What would make you attend an online event?

[40:29] Dave Frustration with Summits

[44:00] NFL Draft and Looking Cool Online

[47:20] Patreon Layoffs

[48:39] Our Awesome Supporters

[52:37].Podcast Focus Groups

Content Available to Patrons

[01:05:26] Daves Newsletter Trick (I use Send Fox for my Email)

[01:06:20] Jim's About Page Returns

[01:08:31] Red Circle Ad Insertion

[01:17:56] Amazon Slashes Affiliates

[01:21:28] Why do we care about Free Hosting Companies

[01:28:16] Tik Tok?

[01:33:17] Mixing up your Patreon Accounts

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