Windows 10 – Upgrading Gear – Troubleshooting

[1:20] I Get No Sound From My Speakers

[2:09] Windows 10 and Podcasting any issues.

[6:14] Anybody used it yet?

[11:07] Solving Dennis' Audio Issue

[17:23] what is it?

[19:16] "]

[20:46] Michael Fixes his Blab Problem.

[21:16] Recording Blab. Dave uses a Zoom H5 to have a backup recording.

[23:19] Cale wants to know what gear should he upgrade as he has some money to spend.

Microphones mentioned Heil PR40, EV RE320, Zoom H5,

MDX 4600

Dave's Audio Technica ATH-M30 Headphones

[28:06] Dennis is Back!

[28:47] "]Dave's been Obsessed over a piece of gear since 2011


[33:08] What effects unit? I used to use an SPX90 effects processor. Most of them are built into the mixer these days, but they are 99% useless. You can do this in software.

[34:47] Co-host doesn't sound good when I mix it down. Get the audio the best you can, then put them together in Audacity/Audition. Check out Auphonic to level volume Work as hard as you can to get it right at the source.

[43:39] Discussion on headphones. Apple Earbuds are not bad Jim likes Yurbuds

[45:20] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters!

[47:08] Earbuds Part 2 Headphone Amplifer and headphone volumes

[50:49] Libsyn and Blubrry both have updates coming (Libsyn now has ID3 tagging, and Blubrry will be able to embed a player)

[53:31] Libsyn WordPress Plugin

[55:09] What microphones are we using ATR2100 USB and the RE320 

[56:56] Difference btween an RE320 and an RE20 

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