Which Comes First The Podcast or the Website?

Dave figures out that you can run the mixing board, play the guitar, and host the show. Jim is out today and we are joined by folks in the chat.

Affiliate Link of the Week

This a great book, and it's really got me thinking. If you're thinking of launching a product, this can really save you some time and headaches.

[4:00] Dave is Joined by Ryan K Parker of foodcraftsmen.com who has had some tests going on with things strapped to his head.

Which Comes First the Website or the Audio Recording

[5:46] Dave has had people who couldn't get the audio podcast off the ground (so any work on the website would be futile).  Who has the better website (if you're not building your own). Libsyn, Blubrry, Spreakr or Podbean. Podbean's website tool looks like an old version of WordPress. Their stats are not as cool as Libsyn or Blubrry. Get a free month at all of those services using the coupon code sopfree.

Google Play Making a Difference? Maybe we are going to have to educate the audience on how to use it.

[14:00]  We have to make sure as new tools are available that we keep an open mind as there may be new tools that are better.

Doing Redirects with pretty Link

[29:55]  Can you link to anything with Pretty Link Plugin? Yes, all you need is WordPress so you can use the Pretty Link Plugin. It can link to anything. It's an awesome plugin

It really turns into a branding option, and we see how keeping things simple can result in less headaches later.

Sub Domains can be used to create redirecting links.

Jim Pops A Cork About the Cleaning Crew

[38:55] Noting makes the cleaning crew, your neighbors, children, to make noise like pressing the record button.

Getting Better Audio Quality With Skype

[42:45] Dave recommend the Atr2100 microphone, and from there make sure your computer is only running skype and any program that you need for the call. Close everything else. The caller is using a virtual cable. It may be better to use a mixer with mix minus settings. This video will help

Check out zencastr.com for a clean recording of audio. It's new and in beta, but it should work.

Dave explains that you only 10% of your audience will show up to a live show. You might check out www.blab.im

Dave Gets Downsized At Work

[57:08] Dave tells the story about how when you work in training, when sales doesn't hit their quota it is the training department that gets downsized.

Daniel J Lewis is a funny dude. www.theaudacitytopodcast.com

[01:02:00] Dave is coming to Florida at Podfest.us at the end of February.

When you use pictures in your blog posts they get shared more which may to more downloads.

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