Where to Spend Your Podcast Budget


[1:30] The best money I've ever spent on Podcast was ….

[7:08] Is this many downloads good for my show?

11;45 Starting off your show with a mistake got Dave a ton of “engagement.”

[12:55] Should I upgrade to a Sure SM7B with a Cloudlifter? or Should I go DBX286? Also, see a Fethead

[17:00] WordPress 5 is out with Gutenberg is a bit of a culture shock and you can install the classic editor

[20:15] Is Dave a Wet Blanket? Mentioned: Samson Q2U

[24:06] What is shaping Dave's attitude towards Chartable.com see article

[31:15] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters. We want to have one more patron that we did last month. You can join for $1 at www.askthepodcastcoach.com/awesome

[33:00] Cool Patreon Tip from Tom Merrit (see the webinar with by being a $5 Patron.

[34:09] The old “get things in writing” and working with co-hosts topic

[39:50] Restarting a podcast/YouTube channel where do I start my episode numbers?

[44:40] Focus on doing a few episodes first.

[48:40] Apple discussion on how important it is?

[50:35] Do people listen to podcast trailers??

[53:00] Ask the Podcast Coach Stats

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