What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Podcasting

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dave Jackson, Kelvin Bible Class, Kim Krajci, Jim Collison, Bill Conrad, iRADIOUSA, and Darren-Coroner Talk™

[4:40] What is Santa Bringing You For Christmas?
Jim uses Google Docs to manage his family's wishlist. Jim likes Mount-It mounts for computer monitors

[10:40] New and Noteworthy Doesn't Deliver Thousands of Downloads (6 listens).

[15:30] Audio Search Tool Coming? (heard on Wolf Den). How people discover podcasts.

[17:10] People are Buying Listens on SoundCloud (from my blog)

[18:30] Cast.market helps you find sponsors.

[23:00] NY Fans Chine in. wlny.com

But I Don't Feel Like Podcasting…

[24:48] How Do I Stay Motivated to Keep Podcasting Through the Busy Holiday Season From Kim

A) Record a couple of shows and time release them

B) Record a quick message and let people know you be back in a few days.

[34:46] Do Downloads Go Down Over the Holidays?

[39:06] Podcast Waivers

[45:35] Accountability Groups For Podcasters. Dave has Castermind.com

[48:30] Blab.im has a quality control problem in Dave's opinion

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275 thoughts on “What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Podcasting”

  1. That is one of the benefits of co-hosts and being part of a network. If you cannot podcast for a time period – illness, gear issues, etc, you can have someone step in for you for a bit until you get back on your feet.

  2. Dave had a School Of Podcasting show a couple of years ago with a voice coach that went over ways to take care of your voice. A very important bit of information as we enter the season of flus and colds.

  3. Hey guys I’m starting my podcast the beginning of the year. I have some good content to discus but a lot of it is based on interviews. I recently received feedback that I shouldn’t have guest on my show until i have 5-10 episodes down. What is your opinion on the matter?

  4. The Clapper has to be available somewhere. Ours never worked with clapping, but it worked with swearing loudly. Our Christmas tree responded to loudly screaming “@&$hole!” That was a fun year.

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