What should My Podcast Logo Convey?

The easter egg At the Avengers movie is no big deal

What podcasters can learn from Disney and handling a franchise

How much planning went into the 12 Marvel Movies – Great planning equals great content

[10:50] Submitting your show to Apple was broke and now is fixed

[15:20] Sometimes people who should know better -don't

[17:20] What to do when each host their own brand, and the show has a brand, how do you handle that?

[22:40] Thanks to our supporters

[23:30] getredcircle.com yet another free media host that (in Dave's opinion ) is destined to fail.

[27:24] How do I get more engagement from my listeners?

[32:34] What should your logo convey? From Brandon from floridafocuspodcast.com

Thanks to our awesome $10 supporters

[41:14] Portable power for your Zoom H5 or Zoom H6.

NOTE: This was sent in from a listener after this episode was published:
I’ve actually destroyed an H6 by using too powerful of a battery source. Like you and Jim, I assumed it would be like every other device I have that takes a standard 5 v usb changer. And can take output of 1.5 A, 2.4 A, etc. NOT SO. It should only take the low level of 1 A. Or even .5 A that many laptops put out over their USB. – DANNY STERN

Users should only use power sources that match Zoom’s own power adaptor stats https://www.zoom-na.com/products/product-accessories/zoom-ad-17-ac-adapter. Buy the AD-17 Adapter a Amazon

Anker Power Bank (safe for planes)

[44:52] Dave was approved to be an Amazon Affiliate

anything 25,000 mah and above you may have issues taking it on a plane

[50:24] Art Stickers still a thing? ( Many people love them) Check out Sticker Mule

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