What Makes a Good Podcast Guest

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from The Average Guy Network are back. Jim celebrated a birthday and Dave took a trip to Georgia to watch a high school of graduation. This week to discuss:

[2:45] "]Apple is shutting down Apple iTunes and muting sounds on computers

[10:33] What makes a good guest

[16:24] Can you add ID3 tags on Hindebrugh (File > Properties) use the tag copy and Paste in MP3 Tag

[17:48] Bring your daughter to your podcast day on Home Gadget Geeks talking technology and College

[19:24] Dave's niece is going to start a D&D podcast. Younger peeps are watching YouTube four hour shows.

[22:13] "]Radio.com and Libsyn see https://support.libsyn.com/kb/radio-com/

Radio.com is owned by CBS. This puts you into the Radio.com app (not the website)

[23:24] Am I listed in this app?

Here is a quick video that shows you how to find your links


Links mentioned in the video

Google Podcasts: https://search.google.com/devtools/podcast/preview

Google Play Music: http://g.co/podcastportal

Stitcher Partner Portal: https://partners.stitcher.com/

Tunein: www.tunein.com

iHeart: www.iheart.com

[20:00] Getting Approved in iHeart Radio

[27:11] Do I need to be on YouTube? Should I be on ______?

[28:41] I change my topic slightly and the numbers went through the roof do I change my podcast?

[35:38] What a good tool to make a course? I use Thinkific and Teachable are great platforms. I've also use Digital Access Pass for WordPress.

[39:04] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters.

[41:25] Let the podcast you're listening to know you appreciate their show

[45:01] Should we preproduce the Awesome supporters….

[46:57] "]How much money do you need to make in Ohio to bring home 60,000? ( More Podcast Money)

[50:55]  Jim is going to podcast live in front of 400 people – because of his podcast. The joys of launching a podcast with a team.

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