Web Hosting For Podcasters – Voice Over Work

[2:00] Switching hosting at Host Gator, there are so many hosting types. Does it matter? You can get by with shared hosting, if you have the budget go for the WordPress hosting or try this web-site – hostiserver. Dave has most of his sites on Host Gator, and the School of Podcasting is on WPEngine but he is thinking of moving back to Host Gator.

[9:00] Should I start a Daily show?

It is a large time issue, and get a bunch in the can. Make sure to do a bunch, make sure you have enough content and get some feedback from people. If you miss the day when you batch, you've lost a full week.

[15:30] "]Voice over Insights?

For Dave when he narrated his book for musicians, it was much harder than you think it would be. Some people get paid by the number of sales, other get paid a flat fee.

Mentioned http://www.ireadmyspam.com/

Doing Voiceover is not as easy at it sounds

[26:12] Ravi's Rant

Ravi the maker of Digital Access Pass and the host of subscribe.fm did an awesome rant on facebook Read it here

[32:10] "]Wow Content Jen from Congressional Dish has almost 10,000 downloads per epsiode with zero promotion

[33:58] History of Alcohol Niche Topic Shots of History podcast

[35:58] Doing a show in front of a Live group

Jim says don't try to do all the sound effects etc.

[43:40] Should I go to Podcast Events?

[48:34] How many downloads of your app? Hundreds

[53:56] Gallup Marketing Plan with Podcasting

Jim needs to cost justify the existence of the podcast.


Strengths finder 2.0 Book

Strengths Based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams, and Why People Follow

[59:00] How do I get into iTunes? (See www.schoolofpodcasting.com/27steps )

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