Tips on Attending Conferences

Jim had a busy schedule of a wedding and a HUGE conference

[2:42] Taking time off from your podcast

[4:44] Moving from to (Dave recommends Siteground for hosting), and Generatepress, and Divi for Themes. For backup check out Manage WP

[13:04] "]Why instead of

[15:46] Podcast Movement Tips

[23:00] Office Lens to Manage Business Cards by taking pictures of them see Dave uses Evernote to take pictures of the cards

[29:30] Don't forget your snacks

[32:14] Check the weather and if needed carry an umbrella

[33:16] Where is it next year?

[35:20] Dave is wrong it wasn't Anaheim California, it was Ontario California

[37:25] We are recording live  next week, and Jim's favorite shoes

[39:14] Short iPhone Cable  and why to avoid cheap iphone cables

[41:54] Does your podcast perform better on a different host media host?

[44:10] When is the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame Ceremony [7:30] on7/24

[46:25] The Football Dude is going to a Hall of Fame Event

[47:25] Approaching “Famous People.”

[49:35] Dave's nightmare situation

[52:30] Podchaser?

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