Tik Tok For Podcasters?

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your questions on the following topics this week:

[00:01:39].900 End of Year Wrap Up
[00:07:19].750 Chris Nesi and Tik Tok
[00:18:44].200 Changes in 2020?
[00:23:43].150 Surviving Editing
[00:26:02].350 Adding a Different style of Episodes to a Feed
[00:28:18].700 What to Post During a Break
[00:30:12].600 Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters
[00:31:59].175 Transfer Audio Audience to Video
[00:38:33].575 Behind the Scenes of Episode 700
[00:40:43].575 Getting Feedback on My Show from Guests
[00:44:01].475 Dave on Home Gadget Geeks
[00:49:13].025 Home Improvement Podcast
[00:52:37].875 Swing and a Miss
[00:55:11].875 Tools To Plan Episodes Ahead
[01:03:01].600 What is “Next Level”
[01:04:23].500 Spotlifhting Back Catalog
[01:09:08].275 Podchaser Discussion
[01:18:20].550 Luminary Sale
[01:19:41].775 The Netflix of Podcasting
[01:23:43].400 Jim had an interesting Listener
[01:25:07].300 Maplegrove Partners Update
[01:26:15].700 Praise for the Chat Room

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