The Show Must Go On

Note: Dave's internet provider went on the fritz throughout this episode and eventually he just lost all contact and Jim finished solo. He did a great job and as the old saying goes, “The Show Must Go On.”

Live podcast is always fun… well, not always.

[02:31] Multiple Shows

[05:15] Rookie Mistakes

[07:58] Dave is playing with another podcast

[09:37] Interesting Content for you and your audience

[11:33] Daves New to Cooking Show

[13:54] Jim's All Feedback Show

[18:25] If Jim Could Do Another Podcast…

[21:07] People Hate Change

[22:12] The Mid Show Pour and Awesome Supporters

[24:39] Biggest Technical Hurdle

[28:38] OBS Video Streaming

[33:07] Logi Screenccapture Software

[34:08] Dave's Path to Streamyard

[35:47] Does Video = “Next Level”

[37:23] To Edit or Not Edit

[46:02] Interrupting a Guest

[54:39] Is 100 Downloads Good

[1:00:01] Personal Nemesis

Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions.
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