The Most Frequently Asked Podcast Questions With Ramona Rice

Today Ramona Rice from joins Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting to talk about the most frequently asked podcast questions in honor of International Podcast Day.

Questions include:

What Microphone? ATR2100 is a great place to start. Here is a kit with a stand and pop filter

What Media Host. is a great choice with prices starting at $5/month (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month). If you want your website and media host all in one, go to work with Ramona at

How much media storage do I need? See

Web Website Host: Dave like's and (godaddy)

How Do I Get a Sponsor. (ask, or get an affiliate through sites like

Do I need a website for my podcast. If want more than a way to listen and subscribe, yes. 

Do I need to build an email list for my podcast. You don't need to, but you might wish you had started one. Mailchimp is free to start

Why can’t I just use a free app to host my files? Becuase bandwidth isn't free see

What days should I release? The one that works for you.

How long should my episodes be? As long as they need to be and not a minute more. Embrace the power of editing.

How frequently should I publish? As often as needed.

Should I go to X conference? If you can afford it yes. Building your audience and relationships face to face is the best.

I only have so many downloads for my super niche show – I’m a failure. There are more ways to count success besides downloads. Plus, if you're hyper-niche you may have captured a large percentage of your total audience.

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