The First Five Minutes of Your Podcast

Should you podcast through the holidays?

[4:00] Staying consistent to be consistent

[4:40] Dave talks about his Trip to Florida to hang out with Glenn the Geek of the Horse Radio Network

Glenn runs his show like a business. Dave was super impressed with his STANDING DESK ($250).

Doing his live show wasn't that scary as Glenn had a structured outline

Dave's presentation at the Tampa Bay Business Owners Group

Jim has been helping people do some business podcasts. Jim gets to help without doing the heavy lifting, and gets to watch it grow.

The power of a companion guide can help build your list

[15:45] Ways to remember items by writing things down

[16:00] Jim's listener really loved his companion guide

[17:20] Randall wishes a Podtastic New Year and Launching a New Show

[18:50] Raspberry Pie Device GEEK OUT!

[20:00] What Are You Going to Do New in 2017?

Jim is hunting “big fish” and Dave is going to try to involve his audience more.

[22:20] NPR Stats show you lose 20-30% of their audience in the first five minutes

What makes you tune out of a podcast? (Got a pet peeve? Share it for the School of Podcasting Episode)

Maybe record your intro at the end of the show and then move it to the front (when you're more relaxed)

[29:20] The Happy Grief Show – making your show match your intro

[33:15] "]Dave talks about cool stuff he got in the mail from listeners

[34:15] Which plugin to use? PowerPress vs Libsyn Feed (both are Good, Dave prefers Libsyn feed as you don't have to worry about plugin conflicts)

[36:05] Taxes with Podcasters

Dave uses an online Captial One Account to hold his money for Taxes Captial One actually pays interest on the money in your account

[43:14] Thanks to Our Supporters 

[44:45] Gimlet Media is using Soundcloud! Are you Kidding Me?

[46:40] Free Imports at for the first quarter. Use the Libsyn coupon code sopfree to get a free month.

[47:47] Is Spreaker up to something with Ad insertion? Places to get sponsors (see )

[50:36] "]Google Hangout Audio Quality (Studio?)


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