Streaming Radio – Night Ranger – Rode VideoMic Me

[2:20] Libsyn has a new feature to turn your audio into Video and post it to YouTube. Show artwork discussion. Dave uses (tell Becky you're from the School of Podcasting)

[9:40] Where does Libsyn pulls the show notes from the ID3 tags. In the show I said Comments, it turns out it is Lyrics. When in doubt do what Krystal says (she knows everything).

[15:45] Podcast 2 Radio – Not sure I buy all of the “features” Dave shares his stats using as a streaming platform

[25:35] Podcast movement anticipation

[28:05] Dave's really good day.

[30:50] Jim Shares about his Patreon account.

[35:00] Ringr Service

[35:55] Sound proofing Questions

[40:40] Tangent in to Night Ranger Songs – Drives Callers Away

[42:20] 80's Band ROCK!

[44:05] Dave's and Jim's First Concerts

[45:15] Rode VideoMic Me

[51:05] Soundcloud Direct Link

[52:02] How do I know how many subscribers I have?

[52:40] Do you contain your guests name in the title?

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