Stickers are Cool

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule
[1:55] YouTube vs Podcasting for a School

[12:12] What to do when you run out of Room on Soundcloud

[13:00] Collaborative Show Notes?

[15:00] One Person Can Ruin a Group (Voxer)


[27:38] Speakpipe works on androids.

[29:30] Shindig events New platform we will try


[35:30] Thanks to our awesome supporters

[36:00] Stickers? Sticker Mule

[39:00] I made $6 with T-shirts! vis teepublic

[40:16] When you get pitched a bad sponsor

[45:30] Voxnest may be sending spam emails?

[48:42] Radio Public pays $20/cpm

[52:52] Pandora is working on podcasting

[54:52] Updating Album Artwork (check out Kapa99 for Album Artwork)


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