Spotify. Gimlet, Anchor and Patreon

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Stargate Pioneer from talk about:

Facebook Failure

[4:40] Spotify buys Gimlet

[7:42] Anchor's “Sponsors”

[12:22] Anchor blocks access to Apple and Stitcher stats

[17:00] "]Things you shouldn't obsess over (reviews, linking to reviews, removing reviews)

[19:56] is Patreon Sustainable? (Yes) They addressed the slow payments, future features, and sustainability in a video

[30:02] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters. Become an Awesome Supporter Today

[33:02] "]Update from Gimlet

[38:56] a new “service” for podcasters

[45:57] Automating Social with Social Jukebox and Recurpost

[49:12] Rode Podcast Contest to win 150,000 and the Rode Podmic

[52:35] Audio Technica BP40 microphone vs RE320

[53:20] What do you think a judge wants in this contest?

Post Show

Potentially moving to as I'm already paying for

Jack Conte was misquoted thanks to Miss Ileane

[01:04:55] Updating Old Stats in Libsyn

[01:06:50] Dave is coming to Utah in June

[01:09:00] Amish Porn story

[01:09:35] Where do I go to sell a show?

[01:13:50] Hobbies cost money

[01:17:35] Selling a show, but what about new hosts?

[01:24:00] The New Avengers Trailer

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