Solving Podcasting’s Discovery Problem

[2:06] Optimized Podcast Workflow – Show Notes First

[5:43] Why did Rob Sanchez not stand up for podcasting on the Word From Mouth when they say there is a discovery problem

[8:00] Proving there is no discovery problem in podcasting

[12:48] Gary V on launching your podcast

[21:00] Be Yourself – Ronnie James Dio

[28:46] My last episode was not great

[34:27] Our Awesome Supporters

[36:00] The Story Behind Book almost released

[38:20] Boats on YouTube

[42:00] Repurposing your content

[47:00] The Dave and Jim Chemistry plan

[49:06] Guests checklist and paying guests (Jim's checklist )


[54:50] Promoting show on social media – but fearing being judged by family

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