The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On.

We learn that dave pulled lots of muscles in his back this morning but the show must go on when you do a live episode.  If this was something we put out later (instead of doing a live show) we probably would've put off

[2:58] Because of My Podcast Mashup Discussion (clip at the end of the show)

[4:50] Episodes that have gone above and beyond for content

[7:46] Free Events for a podcast studio

[14:30] Patience in Podcasting

[18:35] Dave Gets Trolled by a Fake Consumer Protection Agency

[22:40] Thanks to Our Awesome Patrons

[23:00] Predictions for 2018

[28:00] Pinecast discussion

[30:45] Do podcasters need email lists?

[35:40] Multiple Links to the Same Location?

[36:20] Dave has finally joined Instagram 

[37:43] iTunes/Apple Podcasts reporting comes from September 19 2017 iTunes 12 or later and iOs 11 or later

[39:30] Asking for Money Up Front Bugs Dave if you're a church

[44:06] Getting information outside the bubble

[45:00] Jim's told Kim, who had her comments on the School of Podcasting which was heard by Emily from the Story Behind Podcast

[46:30] Remembering the Weird Intro Guy

[51:45] the NPR Formulas from the Book Out on a Wire

[54:00] TV and Radio are advertising to use them for advertising

[57:26] Huge price difference from the USA and other countries

[1:01:00] Because of My Podcast Mashup

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