Should I Join a Podcast Network?

[2:00] Test stuff
Bluehost is awful
[6:30] Daves typical Day
[6:54] Should I join a network?
[10:27] Making a book out of my show and sell them.
[13:40] What Makes a Podcast Explicit?
[16:08] "]The Messengers Podcast had to Go Explicit on their last episode
[21:00] Explicit and itunes
[22:40] Business cards and Podfesst
[24:30] Bad TV
[26:16] "]Apps For Your show
[28:48] What do Podcast Website need?
[30:37] I want to make something memorable – what is missing from this pitch?
[36:39] "]You don't have to monezitze – How much can you earn in podcasting?
[41:32] Should I charge to do my show? Sponsorship?
[45:25] "]Why did you start Podcasting?

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