Should I Buy A WordPress Theme For My Podcast?

Did anyone notice the weird noise in last week's episode?

Drive my car by the Beatles, you can't un-hear the cowbell

[4:45] What do you do with bad audio?

[7:25] "]Should I buy a WordPress Theme for My Website?

Dave loves the Generate Press theme. It's $39 for unlimited websites.

Other Themes discussed Divi and Thrive

[13:25] Emily Prokop from The Story Behind wants to know if other companies will make an Amazon Skill (besides Libsyn)

[18:50] Secure RSS feeds SLL Certificates

[23:14] Getting a free month at use the coupon code sopfree

[23:50] "]Opinion on Pippa

They have changed their business plan which now limits the number of downloads you can have per month. This disqualifies them for me to refer them.

Their transcript was only 70% accurate (which is not great)

[34:36] Dave's numbers are going down, but if he used Pippa he would be on their $50 plan instead of the Libsyn $20 plan.

[35:32] "]Max from Aviation News Talk is going to be doing live streaming at a conference. What gear should he use?

He could use something simple like a Scarlet 212 interface for $149.

Pair that with some Audio Technica ATR2100($69) with two windscreens some sturdy desk stands and you have a durable portable setup (and you could use the desk stand that comes with the microphone or invest in a small boom stand  ($27) A small usb mixer like Mackie ProFX8 the is $199

Mackie makes a small headphone amplifier Headphone Amplifier HM-4 for $30 for Video you can get a Logitech C920 for $59

The app I use to play clips on the show is i-jingle 2.0 – CamelWeb Creations

[44:44] Facebook on Desktop?

[46:10] Multiple Camera's on Facebook Live?

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