Shipping Microphones to Guests

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from The Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions

[01:26] Shipping Microphones to Guests

[04:04] Jared Easily on Podlords

[4:52] Where did Dave's beard Go?

[7:48] What podcasters can learn from Peloton bikes (the Nordictrack S22i is less expensive is very similar)

[17:28] Reddit Groups

[21:16] The Case Act

[22:34] YouTube Changes and Commercial Viability?

[27:37] Facebook and YouTube Censorship

[31:46] Our Awesome Supporters

[34:02] Simplecast

[37:36] Free Podcasting: you get what you pay for

[39:52] SEO and your Podcast Feed

[44:16] IG and Facebook Pages For Your Podcast

[50:38] Being famous has its drawbacks

[53:56] Outsourcing Social Media

 Post Show

Jim uses to get a guest for his show

[01:02:21] What do I do with the Podcoin interview?

[01:08:43] Getting guests for your podcasts? Ask!

[01:10:24] The life span of a podcast

[01:13:24] My Favorite Plugin

[01:17:46] Why Volume Levels Matter

[01:22:50] Jim needs a Fethead?

[01:24:36]  Voice Leveler on Sale for $9

[01:26:21] So Fethead?

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