Schelling Your Podcast Episodes

[4:00] Scheduling your episodes for the future

[6:00] Having Alexa remind you to go to bed

[8:25] Huckster! ( see )

[9:33] My first episode got so-so feedback. Podcasting is like bowling

[16:00] Find your best talents and use those

[18:45] Guess the microphone

[24:55] USing Questions to help determine who can join your facebook group

[26:33] Dave uses a DBX 286and loves it.

[29:19] Sound Devices did a classy thing

[30:55] Which Website to use?

MIx Pre-63 $649

Mix Ore-6 $899

[34:29] Dave's Poorly Named Review Show

[36:30] Thanks to all of our Awesome supporters

[41:54] Logitech purchased Blue Microphones

[44:30] Why Blue Yeti's are often mentioned (even though they are not a great microphone)

[46:20] Dave Mentions the new Chicago Bulls podcast and how you can get kicked out of Apple

[48:30] Handling people under 18 years of age

[49:50] Taking things down upon request

[52:21] Should I use audio recorded with my video or record separately?

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