Rejected By Apple

Today we are joined by John Bukenas from Audio Editing Solutions

[2:50] Finding your saved Facebook posts are at

[3:52] Audiograms?

[8:50] What do I put in the author tag for Apple?

[12:10] the Band Hammer from Apple. If you've been rejected by Apple remove ALL KEYWORDS and email and throw yourself on the mercy of the court

[15:36] What do you do with TV shows?

[23:08] Underdog Podcasting – Condensor vs Dynamic Microphones

[24:00] Do I need a mixer, what is a mixer

[25:20] Podcast Experts: Is this a bad word?

[26:14] Monthly Squats don't mean anything

[29:52] Are Podcast Gurus being rude when answering? What is mansplaining?

[34:51] Thanks to ALL of your supporters

[41:35] What gets you banned? Is the Low Cut podcast about Cleavage?

[43:49] Hate to Weight Podcast

[47:25] Podcast Fails

[48:19] was not a driver issue. It must be my computer

[49:58] John was Back in Black

[51:02] Dave's Digital Resume Fail

[53:27] Something's on Fire…

[55:37] Robert Plant should trademark the word Moma See Video

[57:00] Catch John on Brilliant Observations podcast Hate to Weight, and She Podcasts, and he edits audio for you are

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