Rebranding Your Podcast & Twitter

Today we answer a question about rebranding your podcast. If you're a doing something similar to your current hsow you may not need to redo the whole site, etc. If you are stating a new show on a different topic that doesn't tie into your current show then you have a different issue. If it's just a name change you can simply update the artwork and name and leave the RSS feed alone.

Be sure to keep your audience in the loop as you go through any transition. Thanks to Bill from for sending in his questions

Dave Calls Predicts a Podcast Storm [12:00]

A podcast network filled with ex-radio people, and they've decided to call it quits. Now we're going to see a flood of “podcasting does not work” posts.

Podcast Promotion – Feed the Top Bloggers [21:30]

One thing you can do to promote your show is if you have a podcast that fits the topic of a top blogger, tell them about it.

Different Ways to Create a Test WordPress Site [26:00]

Jim tells us about and how you can easily install WordPress.

Weird Volume Issues with Google Hangouts [37:48]

Jim's audio kept behaving strange today (but we've even them out during post production)

What Do You Use Twitter For? [44:00]

Rich from ask about what people are using twitter for. Rich just doesn't get it. Dave makes sure to

1. Not make all posts about him

2. Share information that he finds cool

3. Tell people when he goes live.



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