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[01:20] Rob Greenlee joins Libsyn
[03:17] Should I move from Podbean to Libsyn?
[05:00] Too many companies to keep up?
[06:26] Now that Spotify owns Anchor are they still bad?
[09:35] Should I give my Libsyn login information to chartable.com?
[10:18] Thoughts on Megaphone
[10:49] Changing Hosting companies – do I resubmit?
[15:34] Who initiates a 301 redirect
[16:42] Podcasting with a Lapel Microphone
[19:44] How often should you switch web hosts? (see www.coolerwebsites.com) Jim uses Maple Grove Partners
[22:21] Where can I learn How to Podcast? Check out www.schoolofpodcasting.com/start or www.schoolofpodcasting.com/babysteps (free videos)
[23:47] Dave loves Bandrew Says podcast because he shares his belief
[27:09] How many times do you let guests slide?
[33:54] Audioburst Tool and the joys of band transcripts
[39:41] I want to make money promoting me (not ads).
[42:26] Jim's news secret weapon-sleep
[44:43] Dave's workflow of working out an idea
[48:18] Dave's embarrassing moment
[50:06] How long does it take to “get traction” – Power Rant

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