Racing to the Bottom With Podcasting CPM


[2:35] Bernie the Cat is No Longer With Us

[7:15] Planning For Your Podcast If You Die

[12:16] Planning For your Success

[18:00] Dave got added to a bunch of emails lists that he didn't sign up

[18:57] Are we catering to the CPM model too quickly? Getting .0002 cents per download

[25:11] Sponsors vs Selling Your Own Products

[29:56] What about Affiliate Links?

[36:24] Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters  (join today and get bonus content

[41:31] Am I going to Get a Pet?

[43:09] Take some time to figure out what to do with your margin

[44:11] the Zoom L-12 Digital Mixer is probably way more than most podcasters need

[50:38] Why would you need separate tracks?

[52:34] Buying expensive equipment – if it pays for itself

[53:40] Don't slide equipment by your spouse

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