Questions You Should Ask When Starting a Podcast

Today Dave discusses the following topics:

Sometimes you have to just say, “It's a podcast” if you're doing it as a hobby.

[3:40] Questions about starting a podcast

a) You have to start

b) Create a focus group to get feedback

c) Know why you're podcasting

d) Who is your target audience?

e) What would your audience want to listen to?

f) What do you want them to do with your information?

g) How do you want them to feel?

i) How will you know when it is successful

You can't improve what you don't start

[9:10] Net Neutrality contact your representative at

[10:30] Dave's hard Drives are filling up. The first podcast Dave ever listened to

[12:15] Don't use Appendipity Themes – there doesn't seem to be anyone home over there (no responses to emails)

[13:45] Divi themes (from Elegant themes ) are very flexible but your somewhat married to these site builders when you start using them

[16:46]8 What about Squarespace? They take a piece of your e-commerce and that is a deal breaker

[23:30] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters

[28:40] Podcasting in the Attic

[30:25] Jason from and Doug from

[31:35] Doug is getting people signing up for a podcast that doesn't exist anymore.

[38:00] Jason talks about seeing the writing on the wall with his theme becoming outdated

[45:57] What Headphones are Doug Wearing? Audio Technica M40

[48:03] Doug is using Godaddy. If you want to you Godaddy and help Dave check out Godaddy's Reseller at

[54:00] What is Zencastr? Check out Carey greens comparison at

[1:00:00] What about podcasting Live?

Podcasting in Six Weeks Starts In January

Ready to start a podcast but you're a little nervous? Check out Dave's Online Live group coaching at

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    Also, for hosting, I recommend a managed hosting solution like WP Engine unless you have no plans to make money, but have a high-traffic site. It isn’t as cheap as others, but the benefits and capabilities are well worth it.

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