Proper Recording Levels

Question about Amazon Linking For Affiliate [1:50]

A question from Orlando from says he likes me show because I'm not full of myself (thanks buddy). He heard how I got into some issues with linking to Amazon.

Answer The problem is I accidentally clicked a link in the Pretty Link plugin that put my link in an iframe. This is a HUGE no-no.

The bad new is Amazon's terms of service is “confusing” at best. The way that can avoid all “fouls” is to send people to your website and tell them to click on the Amazon link (this is a way to do it that Jay Mohr does it).

Amazon really wants people to know that your link is an affiliate link.

A confusing point is you can't use amazon name in the domain name. So is part of your domain? Jim says no, Addy says yes.

using Amazon in a sub domain ( is absolutely wrong.

New Media Expo Update[11:30]

Dave shares what he can about the process.

Proper Recording Levels – Caller Bill Delaney [13:03]

Get up close to the mic and be sure to have a pop filter

Turn up the recording level on your portable recorder if you're using it so you don't have to turn the mixer up too loud.

Try to get a few lights blinking on your mixer (if you are using one).

Then look at the recording level on your recorder (shoot for -6 to -12)

Bill has an Audio Technica 2100 microphone  (affiliate link)

Find Billy at

Take a picture of your mixer once you get it set

Blubrry Links Caller Nick Seuberling [23:49]

Nick uses to redirects using the and stats and uses the PowerPress plugin which allows people to give their listeners an embed code (kind of like Youtube) so your listeners can put your show on their website. Nick wasn't sure if you use the embed code if the redirects are still used. Nick did some investigating and all your redirects are fine when using the embed code. Find Nick at

Mixlr and Spreaker Updates [28:08]

Jim has been switching back and forth. When he quit using Spreaker his numbers went down. So he is going back to using both system. Spreaker does a good job of alerting your followers that your show is live

See the Speaker stats HERE

Small Mixers [39:30]

Jason from the Digital Ministry School had a question about mixers (aff link)

 Blog Talk Radio Ads New Staff [50:39]

2100 vs 2050 [52:50]

The audio technica ATR2100 and the 2050 are (more or less) the same microphone exept for a few instances. When you are buying a microphone be sure to check on them both as in some cases the one microphone may be cheaper than the other. You can check them here (affiliate link)

Skype with Behringer iStudio [56:35]


Can you use this via skype? Without really knowing the equipment it is hard to say. After to watching this video, I would say “No” as you typically need an “auxilary out” and an auxilary send on each channel. See the video


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  1. I’m going to agree with Jim: With, the amazon isn’t part of the domain, it’s part of the URL. When you do a subdomain, that is part of the domain.

    Also, the iStudio product looks really cool, but be careful about compatibility with your iPad (as they only seem to support the ‘dock connector’ versions, so newer iPads might not connect). I wonder if they will be making a newer version, but hopefully if they do, they come up with a long-term interface strategy (in case Apple moves to something other than the current lightening connector).

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