Practice, Editing, and Backups

[1:00] Leaving Zoom Webinar

[4:00] How any podcasts do you listen to?

[5:00] Behind the Scenes of Dave's Closing Keynote at

[7:00] When in doubt practice and cut stuff loose

[10:15] Behind the Scenes of my Local Podcasting Episode

[11:35] Corey from Ivy Envy had his audience for him to go to Spring Training

[12:45] The importance of backing up your WordPress

[14:45] "]Dave's Loves Manage WP, but that works for him. You may be different. Some consultants prescribe things that don't work for everyone.

[16:45] Qiant Squid Audio Lavaliers – Recording in Noisy Rooms
ATR2100 microphone mentioned

[21:00] Hindeburg Journalist Records Skype? (Pro Version)

[23:55] "]Sony Software Voice Nectar

[25:50] Poll Results

44% 5-10 episodes
22% 1-5
11% 10-15
11% 15-20
11% 20+

[27:40] Jimmy Falon talks podcasting

[31:30] 159 Episodes of Ask the Podcast Coach

[32:50] How overwhelming was learning how to edit audio?

Audio vs Video

1-10 Ten being very difficult

A tie between 3 and 7

[39:05] Editing Tips

[43:15] My Worst Interview Ever – the key is listening

[44:30] Don't Assume everyone listens to your competition

[45:45] Getting Great Guests

[50:00] Scheduling Events

[53:35] Thanks to our supporters at

[54:15] Manage WP – is Really Cool, tons of people are being hacked.

[58:35] Dave is worried about his guitar playing

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