Pointless Podcast Obsessions

Dave Jackson and Jim Collison gather for a post-Thanksgiving Food Coma induced episode of Ask the Podcast Coach. There are so many pointless details that podcasters obsess over that you don't need to fret about.

Cracker Barrel to Go Was Delicious

[3:48] Should I take time off for the holidays and skip some episodes

[7:25] What email address should I use, my name or something generic like “Feedback?”

[11:15] Facebook groups rarely give you a usable answer ( and can't take a yes or no answer)

[15:13] Does speeding up playback make them sound like Chipmunks

[16:10] Bedtime Fan App

[17:35] Podcast Numbers – Nobody Cares

[23:05] Custom Tracking Codes at Libsyn

[26:50] Podcharts? Are you using? Stats Obsession

[28:30] Feedback vs Downloads

[33:04] Our Awesome Supporters

[35:00] Things you planned on doing, that you didn't get to…

[37:28] Automating a newsletter (works with most providers like Aweber, Mailchimp and Convertkit

[38:22] Cleaning Your Studio can boost creativity

[42:35] Simplify your process to make it easier on yourself, and think about outsourcing

[46:00] Throw out things you don't need – the clutter adds stress

[47:00] What is podcasting clutter – Make a folder structure

[48:50] Alexa fail on remembering stuff.

[50:18] As podcasting takes “so much time” the more organized you are the less time it takes

[52:30] The Importance of backing up your computer. Dave uses Backblaze to back up his PC

[53:30] Black Friday Deals?

[57:25] Dave decided to just upgrade iJingle for playing clips and such.


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